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About Us

Ace Taxi Services – Rohnert Park, CA
About Ace Taxi

How We Got Started

We made our start nearly eight years ago in a most unconventional way. At the time, Saul and Patty, the owners of ACE TAXI, were working for the very first taxi business in Rohnert Park. Saul operated as a dispatcher first, driver second, and Patty the opposite. The pair worked for the company called R. P. Taxi for nearly six years – making them the most experienced taxi experts in the area.

When the owner of the flourishing company unexpectedly died, Saul and Patty picked up the slack and kept business alive until the owner’s family arrived from out of town. The only problem was, when the family finally arrived, they wanted nothing to do with the business. In fact, they were happy to have found as dedicated a pair as Saul and Patty and gave them their blessing to do whatever they wished with the business.

Forced into the unexpected ownership of a taxi business, Saul and Patty decided to start fresh and renamed the company. And just like that, ACE TAXI was born.

Meet the Founders

Saul and Patty have always been social, and both are products of very big and loud families. Saul was raised in Rohnert Park and has been living in the neighborhood since the 70’s. He attended Rancho Cotati High School and loves being able to live and work in his home town surrounded by so many of his long time friends and family. When he’s not working (which is almost never), he likes to hang out with family and whenever possible, visits Patty’s relatives in Hawaii.

Patty loves to talk. After years in the restaurant business as well as office management, she’s finally found her perfect niche here at ACE TAXI and she’s never looking back.

What Make Us Stand Out

We can honestly say there’s no other taxi service in the area that compares with our high standards of customer service. In fact, there’s little we wouldn’t do to accommodate our customers. Everyone has had those times when they just don’t know what to do in an urgent or unexpected situation. We’re here to help you de-stress – delivering you from point “A” to point “B”, without the hassle! Unlike other taxi companies, ACE TAXI works hard to constantly give our customers peace of mind through safe, prompt, honest, and individualized transportation services. We strive to make your experience with our service as stress free as possible. After all, life’s hard enough without getting lost. With ACE TAXI, there’s simply no parallel and that’s why we’re the best bet in town.

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